Not weighing myself again!!!

Here I go again, only this time I have hubby involved. He in no way needs to lose weight but he is good at saying ‘ do you really need that’ when I ask him to!

Breakfast – I had a banana around 100 cals.
Lunch will be tomatoes and a cuppa soup
Dinner fish and veg

Have a great one everyone xx

Fasting Monday

Monday always seems like the right day to fast so I am going for it. This would have been my weigh in day, but alas the last 5 days damage has put any progress to bed! Starting from scratch as I perpetually do!

A cup of tea for breafast and lunch will be vegetable broth, which thankfully is extremely low calories. The entire bowl is 100 cals, I blended it a little to make myself think it will be a thicker soup!!


I could have slept on this morning very nicely indeed.  The caravan is grand but there is nothing like your own bed….

Speak at lunchtime x

Oh dear….

Unfortunately I have fallen into my regular pattern of feeling horrid and eating. Over the last 5 days I would say I have totally undone my previous 2 pound loss! Why do I love the self destruct diet button so much?!?!

Anyhoooo,  today is Sunday and I am fasting. My hubby was telling me about a man in his work doing 3 fasts a week and how well he had done and I was also reading about someone who gave up bread and anything ‘white’ for 2 weeks in conjunction with 5:2, 4:3 this blogger also had great results. I have the willpower of a feather and ebb and flow with the winds of my ever changing moods.  Having a hoarse, sore cough and a weak week worrying about Alex I just gave into food to make myself feel better.

I suppose dieting/life will aways be this way for me but as long as I can pick myself up and try again I can’t do anymore.

Hope you are all good out there x


Well, I am breaking my fast this morning with a papaya, mango and peach smoothie. Lots of colds starting in school which I want to avoid! Let’s hope this is the immune support I need!  Aaaaaccchhooo 🙂

Fast dinner #3


Prawn satay with Zoodles! O my word, delicious and low calorie.

200g courgette 34cals
Sweet chilli sauce 25g 52 calories
10g peanut butter 64 calories
Prawns 120 calories
270 in total and it was yummy!!

270 plus 3 ham slices at lunch and a small banana made my day 460 calories.

Going to have a cuppa now and chill out after a hectic day.